Video Calls on FaceBook? NOW THIS IS COOL! 5 Steps to Make Your First Call

WOW! NOW THIS IS WAY COOL!!  NOW YOU CAN MAKE VIDEO CALLS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK (providing of course they have built in or attached video capability.)

I just set this up and used it to call my wife and it works fantastic and it only takes a minute to set up.  Here’s what you need to do to start becoming a nuisance to all your friends, family and anyone else you want to bug! :)

1) FIRST GOT TO                                                  

2) click on “GET STARTED”

3) Select someone to call                                                                                                                         

4) Next you have to download the software.  Just follow the instructions; it only takes a minute and you only have to do this once.

5) Then make the call

Once this is set up you can just go to your home page, go to the bottom of the page to chat, look for who’s on Facebook, click on who you want to chat with, look for the little video icon in the upper right and click on it.  If you don’t see the little video icon, try refreshing the page or leaving facebook and coming back to it.

Whoever you are calling will have to go through the set up the first time you call, unless they’ve already done it but my wife, Susan, did it when I called her and only took a few seconds and she’s no techie! :)

Have fun!!

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PLUGINS: BTW if the person you are calling doesn’t answer, you can leave a video message: HOW COOL IS THAT?! 

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