Timeline Dimensions Info-graph & Templates for Facebook 2012

If you do your own graphics for Facebook, you’ll need to know the new Timeline Dimensions for Facebook business pages.

Along with the new Facebook Timeline Dimensions, there are some changes in the new Facebook Timeline that you need to be aware of as well. (see new dimensions and templates at bottom)

First there are restrictions as to what you can put on your Timeline cover.  If can NOT contain:

  • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”
  • Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page’s About section
  • References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features
  • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”

Also, on the downside, you can no longer set your “Welcome” tab (now app) or offer page as your default. This means you’ll have to be creative in how you get people to click on it themselves. Here are a couple ways:

  • Create a custom cover (the size is on the Facebook Timeline Dimensions sheet) for your app that promotes an offer or has a big WELCOME on it. Be sure to keep this app as one of the first 3. (you now have room for 12 apps but only 3 will be visible under the Timeline cover.
  • You can also create a post that promotes the offer or tells them to check your Welcome page and then “pin” that post to the top position. (Just click the little pencil next to the star in the upper right hand corner of post and click “pin to top”)
  • Create a nice Welcome page with offer and optin or video using my new “iFame” Facebook Tab & page creator! 

On the upside, though, the Timeline Dimension size for the app canvas is increased from 520px to 810px. This will give you a nice big canvas to create your offer with my iFame Facebook software.

To help you visually see allthe new Timeline Dimension changes, I’ve created an easy-to-read Info-graph for you. (To save to your computer, just right click and “save image as”.)


There are other Facebook Timeline dimensions that you may still need.  Just click the link to access them as well.

Here’s a simple Template you can use to create a Timeline cover and Profile pict using software other than Photoshop like Laughingbird logo creator or other.

Here’s a link to a Photoshop Template and another Photoshop Template (look at bottom of page) and yet another if you don’t like those.  And HEY!  If you’re still not happy, just do a Google search for “Facebook Page Timeline Template PSD” and you’ll find a bunch more.  Typically these will work the free GIMP (photoshop lite) software as well.

I hope you find this new Facebook Timeline Dimension info-graph helpful.

Opening the doors to your Social Media and Internet Marketing success!


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About Roger Ely

Roger has developed his skill as a marketer over 40 years in sales & 15 years as an entrepreneur. "Like most I've had to adjust to the new age of internet marketing and develop my skills in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Blogging & article generation. These are more than just strategies to get on Page One Google...they're necessary to communicating your desire & abilities for helping your clients thereby bringing those very clients into your services and giving you more opportunity to do what you love the most - HELP PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT - YOUR PRODUCT!"
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5 Responses to Timeline Dimensions Info-graph & Templates for Facebook 2012

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  2. Gabe Storm says:

    Thanks for the info! Not a huge fan of Timeline, but want can you do? :)

    • Roger Ely says:

      I wasn’t either but the more I design these the better I feel. Much bigger Graphic presence and you can still use optin tabs (apps). Just have to be a little more creative. I just release new software to handle the app and pages plus training videos for what I’m calling iFame (Facebook Advanced Marketing Education). Check it out when you get time. http://bit.ly/FacebookAdvancedMarketingEducation

  3. Ashley Cobb says:

    Sorry but this graphic appears to be wrong. the profile picture should be 130px. if it were 180px as you stated, the profile would be off the page on the left hand side.

    • Roger Ely says:

      Thanks for you observation but the Profile Picture size is correct according to Facebook. They require to be 180x180px to be uploaded.The thumbnail will render from that at 32x32px so you may want to design it at 32×32 to see how it will look as a thumbnail and then enlarge it to the required 180x180px. All the Best – Roger

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