Lead Generation: 10 Ways to Jump Start YOUR Lead Generation!

One question I get quite often (and ask myself) is, “How do I get more leads.”  Lead generation is imperative for any business but seems to be our biggest struggle.  Here are 10 ways to jump start your lead generation for Offline OR Online businesses!

1) The fast way to generate leads in online paid advertising using Google AdWords or the cheaper more highly targeted FaceBook ad platform.  Most of you are probably familiar with AdWords; not so much with FaceBook ads.  Check out my article “Setting up the perfect FaceBook ad campaign” for details.

2) Try Craigslist (or backpage) help ads.  Browse for those looking for your services; local & national.

3) Use Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook etc).  Join groups relevant to your niche and join the conversation.  Start conversations, become the thought leader, provide valuable free content.  Try to link people to your FaceBook fan page or website.

4) That leads me to CREATE A FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!  Make sure it’s a business page and not a business on a personal profile; FaceBook no no!  you page should have a:

  • Custom Avatar (profile pict) that encourages people to like the page
  • 5 custom thumbnail picts to market your services and link to your service pages on your website
  • Custom reveal tab to “force” the “like”
  • Landing page with a BIG offer and optin box, maybe a video (sales funnel)
  • Contact form
  • feed from your website
5) Set up Hootsuite (free) and connect Twitter to it.  Then in the upper right hand corner of Hootsuite you’ll see a box “Search Twitter”.  Put in a keyword for a product or service you offer (think like a client; what would they be saying in conversation about your product to a friend).  Once you put in a keyword relevant to your niche, you’ll immediately see conversations come up that are using that keyword term within a 25 mi. radius of your location.  Just tweet them and make contact.  (I got 3 new prospects in 1 hour using this technique).  Answer their questions, offer valuable information, link them to your website or Facebook offer.                                                                                                      
6) SEO (search engine optimize) LinkedIn to get ranked #1 or on page one in a LinkedIn search.  Use relevant keyword terms in your title, job description, past jobs, and other areas.                                                                                                                                               

7) Set up a Sales funnel on your website giving away an e-book etc and using Aweber or other list building site to collect names & email addresses for future marketing.

8 “Twitter Advanced Search”.  This tool allows you to do much the same thing as mentioned under Hootsuite above but with broader demographics to choose from.                                                                                                                                                           
9) Do some keyword research to find out what people are searching for related to your products or services.  Then buy domain’s using those exact phrases and redirect those URLs to the relevant page on your website.  (Ex. computerrepairsraleigh.com, computer repaircompaniesraleigh.com)

10) Take this a step further and use the keywords as titles for FaceBook Fan Pages and start a Fan Page related to that niche.  Raleigh Real Estate Company, Raleigh marketing companies…whatever term matches your keyword research  NOT YOUR COMPANY NAME.  Don’t guess.. use Google keyword tool and do the research first.                

Opening the door to YOUR Social Media & Internet Marketing success!                                                                                                                                                                                                           

PLUGINS:  Bonus Tip #11:  SEO (search engine optimize) your website to get ranked on page one in a Google search.  If you need help with this, I can do it for you.  Just use the form below to contact me for a quote.

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About Roger Ely

Roger has developed his skill as a marketer over 40 years in sales & 15 years as an entrepreneur. "Like most I've had to adjust to the new age of internet marketing and develop my skills in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Blogging & article generation. These are more than just strategies to get on Page One Google...they're necessary to communicating your desire & abilities for helping your clients thereby bringing those very clients into your services and giving you more opportunity to do what you love the most - HELP PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT - YOUR PRODUCT!"
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