In Memory of My Dad. Don’t read, if you don’t want to cry.

After a 90 year run, my father passed away peacefully in his sleep last night.  In memory of him, here’s a poem he wrote for my son, Preston, that pretty much encapsulates him.  I hope you enjoy it. 


For my Grandson, Preston

by Ralph Ely

My Grandson when you have older grown

I’ll take you to a place I’ve known

At Midnight, noontime, dusk or dawn

I want to show you where I’ve gone

To find my freedom…….and I want to be

In the boat with you and have you see

And learn from me, oh Grandson of mine

How to cast a fishing line!

For I’ve been young and too well I know

The rocky road your feet must go

But I know, too, a path that clings

To a wooded hill where the quail sings;

Where dogwood grows and oak and pine

And all I ask, oh grandson of mine,

Is to row the boat for you some day

Along the shore where the willows sway

To be with you when first you feel

A leaping bass unwind your reel!

I want you to sleep as I have slept

Beneath the heavens reach, star swept

I want the dawns first gold betide

To waken something deep inside

I want you, my boy, to learn to take

Your troubles to a shining lake

And lose them there, and so I wish

Oh, Grandson of mine that your may fish

And for your sake I ask that God

Will grant you the joys of a fishing rod!

Love – Grandpa

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About Roger Ely

Roger has developed his skill as a marketer over 40 years in sales & 15 years as an entrepreneur. "Like most I've had to adjust to the new age of internet marketing and develop my skills in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Blogging & article generation. These are more than just strategies to get on Page One Google...they're necessary to communicating your desire & abilities for helping your clients thereby bringing those very clients into your services and giving you more opportunity to do what you love the most - HELP PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT - YOUR PRODUCT!"
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3 Responses to In Memory of My Dad. Don’t read, if you don’t want to cry.

  1. Dion Wright says:

    Wow :co now i know why Preston is the way he is. He had a grampa that loved him that much.

    This is awesome but heartbreaking at the same time

    My condolences to you and your family Roger


  2. Preston says:

    I have fond memories of being out on the boat fishing with grandpa. Love you dad.

  3. Edy says:

    Roger- I am so sorry to hear your dad has passed. Thank you for sharing the poem. Gives me a clue as to your love of things wild and wondrous! My prayers and love are with you, your mom, and all of your family.

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