Facebook Video Calling Is Here BUT DON’T GET SCAMMED!

facebook-video-scamsWhy is it that along with every great new innovation in technology there’s also a cadre of scammers following close behind?  The new video calling app from Facebook and Skype is no exception.

It seems there are those that have figured out a way to game the system and entice you to sign up for a bogus service promising access to Facebook’s new Video calling system.  

If you click on the link it will ask for permission to access your info, your posts and more anytime they want.  This would seem on the surface to be pretty transparent that it’s not legit but it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new “toy” and because of our trust for anything “Facebook”, over look it and click the link.  DON’T!  Here’s what it will look like:  (Snap shots from Naked Security)

If you get a link from a friend that says something like “Enable Video Calls” DON’T CLICK IT and advise your friend that it’s a scam. 


I’ve already posted how to set up Facebook Video Calling so just check out that post for a walk through with screen shots.

Don’t let the scammers stop you from enjoying this new Facebook feature.  Just make sure you are connecting the right way.

Opening the doors to your SAFE Social Media & Internet Marketing!

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Roger has developed his skill as a marketer over 40 years in sales & 15 years as an entrepreneur. "Like most I've had to adjust to the new age of internet marketing and develop my skills in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Blogging & article generation. These are more than just strategies to get on Page One Google...they're necessary to communicating your desire & abilities for helping your clients thereby bringing those very clients into your services and giving you more opportunity to do what you love the most - HELP PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT - YOUR PRODUCT!"
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