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Thanks for visiting “My Social Media Matters”. Your being here is no coincidence and I applaud you for taking the first step in moving into what is most probably new marketing territory for you and probably a lot confusing.  I’m going to help remove the confusion, de-mystify Social Media and Internet Marketing and give you the confidence to move forward into what is at this moment unknown territory to you.  My story will help.

I’ve been in sales and marketing all my life It wasn’t that long ago I thought a Social was a gathering where you went to get ice cream. What concerns you, I’m sure, is wanting to get more exposure for your web/blog site in the search engines or on LinkedIn, FaceBook or other social site or perhaps you don’t understand how all this fits together.  That is exactly where I started several years ago as I was developing another business I had.

Having been in the trenches like you I had the same problems; I was (and am) passionate about what I do but was thoroughly frustrated that when I googled my site it didn’t even show up on page 1000.  If I searched for my services on LinkeIn…NOT THERE!  So why should I bother with all this when no one can find me – it was just a bunch of work and NOTHING to show for it.  I needed to know what I was doing wrong! So for some time I researched the subject of how to get on page one Google – “THE ARC OF THE COVENANT” – & I discovered SEO, article writing, article spinning, article distribution, social media, PPC, ad words, FaceBook ads, LinkedIn ads, keywords, title tags, meta tags “TOE TAGS”…aaaagh!!  It made my brain hurt but something happened….I LEARNED!

And soon my blog http://letstalkretirement.com was on page one in a google search of my top keywords and I was #1 in all my keywords on linkedIn (as I am as a social media professional) and at the top in google maps.  I found out that THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS… AND IT CAN WORK FOR YOU AS WELL!

I became passionate enough about it to want to help others learn what I learned.  I soon realized most folks are intimidated by it so I take a different approach.  I’ll do all the set up for you to get you up and running fast and THEN I’LL COACH YOU ON HOW TO PUT TO USE ALL THIS WONDERFUL TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR BENEFIT…. TO DRIVE MORE CLIENTS TO YOUR DOOR!

Setting this all up is the time consuming hard part nobody – including myself in the beginning – wants to do.  But now I love it and am good at it.  One of the first clients I worked with was number one in all her keywords in a LinedIn search within a couple hours of me starting her project.  Within a few hours later she was #1 on google maps and now she’s well on her way t0 page one google for her blog.  I can make this happen for you as well.

Websites are the hub of any good Social Media network and, if you are like most of my clients you want to get more exposure for your web/blog site in the search engines or more visibility on LinkedIn, FaceBook or other social site or perhaps you just don’t understand how all this fits together.  That is exactly where I started several years ago.

I can also write articles for you, distribute them throughout the net and drive thousands of links back to your blog to help drive up your google presence (called SEO or search engine optimization).  I can also increase your twitter followers by thousands with the dedicated software I’ve discovered.  Videos are another valuable way to increase traffic and google position and that’s also available in my package.

Let me be frank for a minute (I’m tired of being Roger :) ) most people are out there pushing Keyword analysis and SEO but don’t seem to know what they’re doing.  Business pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for ranking that after months still hasn’t improved.  I can fix that problem and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IS THE KEY  TO FINISHING WHAT YOU NEED TO HIT THE MARK. People buy from people not from words on a page; ask me how I know.  100′s of people will read this page and only a very small percentage will contact me for various reasons – usually just plain old procrastination and laziness.  Maybe you’ll be the one to prove me wrong.

So what’s the next step?  

Fill out the form below and get a 1 hour free analysis and consultation in which I’ll review your website, Social sites and current marketing strategy and help you understand the changes the need to be made to grow your business.  

Then before you leave my website, sign up for this blog so you never miss new training that I post often.  Just put your name and email in the box in the upper right hand corner under the big red arrow.

Then check out “My Services” to see what’s available for you be sure to look through the various training articles; there just might be something that will help give you new ideas to attract new clients.  

I’ll then go to work customizing a package to meet your needs at an affordable price that won’t put you our of business!  Hope to be working with you soon!





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